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Using Crystals in your treatment helps to activate and enhance your body’s healing process.  Crystals, because they are not man-made, have their own energy with them.  Crystals teach our bodies energy.

Chakras are the energy centers of the body that help run our bodies correctly.  Crystals have within them, their own personal energy DNA that connects with our Chakras, and speaks; teaching, like little libraries to our energy centers; helping regulate our bodies energy into a more balanced state.  

Our Chakras help to maintain energy in the body, and regulate our overall health.  An Imbalance can be quite exhausting.

Combining this with the Cranio Sacral technique, supports the energy from the crystals to integrate into our bodies the balance of the Universal Flow of Life Force Energy.  

This Combination of healing Supports You to Become what YOU have always been desiring to BE in the World.

Balancing these energy centers of the body brings peace and calm to your body and your life.

Queen LuOn is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and a Spiritual Medium.

No boundaries are crossed as she see’s and hear the unseen. Assisting you in your personal connection; will help give you a new perspective, which will help you choose what you desire in your life.  Her goal is to help you receive what you truly desire in this life.

Coming from Abuse and Narcissists all around her in life, she hit rock bottom at one point and Prevailed!

She now teaches and supports others in an exciting fun provoking serious, and non serious way; engaging with those around her to help bring about the Greater YOU!

She LOVES to Support others and motivate Lives to Bring About Blessings.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like me to speak, contact her for more information.   EMAIL HER NOW

Access Bars are energetic bars that run through and around your head.  They hold all the energy of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and all the points of view that you hold that keep you limited. Would you like to have more access to YOU?

The Bars TM process involves touching 32 points on your head that start to clear all the limitations you have about that area of our life.

Getting your Bars run is able to make the impossible at the moment, become possible.  At worst, it will feel like a great massage, and in the best case scenario, your whole life will change!

Are you told you are too sensitive?  All this means is that you are more Aware than the average person.  

Queen LuOn being the Empath Life Coach; is a Mama Bear in taking care of your energy as well as teaching you how to receive what your’re desirous of.

People who are more Aware have more body energy fluctuations.  There is no need to wait to be taught the Hard Way like I was. 

You can learn the proven techniques and exercises that LAST for Years, and Keep Working through your personal energy advancements.

FYI; there are techniques that are widely taught now in the Empath World that will only work while you are at a certain energy level; and not take you though the rest of your life. If you have experienced this; then you understand. If you are still learning; there is No need to do it the long hard way.

CREATE that Change Now without the icky struggle of discontent and unknowing.  

There is no need for you to not have anyone there to Support YOU in YOUR JOURNEY!  

Support is KEY to ABUNDANCE! Period.  This took me a lifetime to learn.  

Now you CAN GET Your questions answered with Empath Life Coaching / Training.  

Queen LuOn gives a Sh*t; coaching you how to Be more YOU in the World. 

From Empath Aware Support to Learning/Training, to business classes and Graduation we have you covered in your personal excellence.


Queen LuOn uses a wide variety of proven techniques to release tension from tired, aching hurting muscles that produce real results. This combination achieves the ultimate in relaxation and overall health and well-being; balancing your physical body and mind with your energy body.

You can even have the choice of setting an intention for your session which either creates what your desirous of by the end of the appointment; or prepares your bodies space to allow this intention to become your New Reality.

Push the Button “Schedule an Appointment” at the Top of this page or on the Home Screen to see what other appointments you can schedule as well. 

Chooga Chooga… Here We Go!

Have you ever noticed that as you show up in the world more, you require more support from your peers?  Do you feel faint, as well as drained or in physical pain when surrounded by others?  Are you lacking a support system of like-minded creatures?  Here are your peeps!

What is an Empath?

empath – (n.) A person with a preternatural ability to apprehend the emotional state of another individual. One who feels the emotions of others.

Here is a caring place to find the support you require as you become more YOU!


Get a reconnection moment to see other empaths which is a crucial element to forward movement.

This is about Being and Becoming the  Good Vibes we Desire, and clearing our body, minds, and soul of the old of the day to help focus on the rest of the day and week.

These Win-Win Relationships help keep our empath bodies and energies in an upward swing; rather than have such dramatic ups and down in our lives.

Noticing personally as well as those who participate become more stable and energy giants in their own right!

Are you Ready to Have an Empath on Your Side of things in Your Life!  You have a chance to be heard and connect with other like minded creatures who are creating big lives for themselves too.

You get to learn more; in a special Awareness Training that ATI has specially developed to help enhance and support you.  Plus you get to have a moment to meditate and connect to yourself again in a safe environment with those who truly care.  In this action we grow as empaths and support our empath community. 

Are you being drawn to the Empathic side of life and not knowing how to navigate it in the world with other so-called; normal people who can regulate and Achieve/Receive things better than you?

Well then, Group Empath Support & Group Empath Life Coaching will be just perfect for you. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


This dance helps us move forward to Be 100% truly ourselves for a greater percentage of our life. 

The personal connection to your energy self while dancing releases excess energy that has been trapped. 

Dancing creates positive, long lasting side effects on our physical, emotional, and energetic world within our bodies and our lives.

Let’s have some fun and play as we dance to LIVE the life we always desired!

Participate with this Activity in Queen LuOn’s Moon Ceremonies.


Moon Ceremonies are a way to fast track any intention you would like to become a reality.

THE POWER OF THE MOON IS POWERFUL.  This actually works seeing it first hand. 

2 times a month we (our group) gets together for the NEW MOON & FULL MOON. We learn about the kind of Moon for the day and set a personal new intention, and release the old one by having a burn ceremony.

We share Snacks and Dance (Dancing Shiva) to release and have FUN!

Please have fun with us.


Elementary Clubhouse is the first stage of getting support and learning here at Aware Training Institute.  There as so many advantages to join, and lots of activities to participate in.  

-Discounts on Services 

-Empath Aware Support Group Calls Video Vault

-Meditations with Crystals Video Vault

-Weekly Wins- See what students are learning in their energy progression

-Daily Empath Tracks FB Group Member to get support and ask questions through the week from your fellow Empaths.

Check it out by pressing the link now.


-EMPATH AWARE BASICS 101 (INC). Inc. Energy ToDo’s. .01 &.02

-Empath Aware Basics Zoom Classes (2 mo)

-How your energy works and getting it to work on Your Side of the Creation Process

-Empath Aware Support Calls with your fellow students. 

-New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies each month