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Aware Energy Coaching Massage. Here at Aware Training Institute we offer a wide range of treatments in Massage Therapy, Life Coaching, Empath Mentoring, and Energy Healing.  

Empaths here, whether beginner or advanced can also become Certified in different Modalities; graduating from this Healing Institute with the knowledge and business skills to enable them to work with others successfully.



Monthly Guided Meditations available now. Each Meditation has topics as well as uses crystals; walking you through a different way to connect and release each time.
Once you are signed up to “ATI” for FREE to receive free meditations, and have your own personal account; “Go to ATI Login at the top of this page to sign into your personal account.”  
HELLO! … What is your name? … What kind of Empath Aware Struggle are you having?
Listen to your body’s energy. Our selection of crystals will help bring balance and peace to your life.
It’s always nice to know who you’ll be working with. Learn how and why Queen LuOn provides the best experiences for her clients.