"We are the Builders of our Own Destiny ... Be someone you want to be around."

 Queen LuOn is an Empathic Therapist, which means she sees, feels, senses, and is aware at an extremely deep level.
She has been in practice for over 30 years and has a unique perspective on peoples’ health and wellbeing, as well as how their body reacts to stress and toxins.
Queen LuOn believes in Empath Training Life Coaching, Dancing Shiva Dancing, as well as Massage Balancing which are multidimensional; affecting you on a physical, emotional, and psychological level.
In her Massage Treatments she works with Crystals, Orion Light Crystal Chakra Energy Balancing, Deep Tissue Treatment, CranioSacral, Trigger Point, Swedish, and a myriad of other modalities to help detox, and balance your body. 
Now Queen LuOn teaches and supports you in her ATI Classes, Empath Training Life Coaching, Spiritual Psychic Mediumship Readings, Empath Mentorship, Dancing Shiva Dancing Classes, and Motivational Coaching Speaking Events.
Classes are under way! Yeah! Have you ever wanted to have your Own Business in the Healing Arts? OR Are looking for Continued Education or Support in your Business?
You can graduate from Aware Training Institute getting a certificate showing that you KNOW your healing arts. NO Imaginary Business Here!  You get coached, and have support as you learn.  Contact me for more information. 
“Bringing back your vitality, health, and improving your overall wellbeing, while helping you create the you that you always knew you are.”
– Queen LuOn Stephens
Queen LuOn is ALL about learning how to be more aware of our bodies; mentally, physically, emotionally, and energy spiritually.
This co-creative experience allows your truth to rise to the surface where you can See your Truth; which allows energy uplift, and peace.
Learning New Skills in Business or Personal; Bringing back your vitality, health and improving your overall well being while helping you create the you that you always knew you are is her primary goal.
Have you ever wondered how peoples’ lives change?
The answer is to ask questions and follow through by taking action.  Ask these questions to yourself and see what happens. 
  • “What else is possible if I choose to live?”
  • “How does it get better than this?”
  • “What would it take for whatever I desire to show up?”
  • Repeat this statement to yourself daily to create it to be true in your life; “All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory!  I Believe, I Achieve, I Receive, Thank You; Amen and Amen.”


"LuOn has taught me how to better handle my business, and empath energy self in her classes. I have taken several classes from her so far; and I am surprised at the way she breaks down the information with such easy to understand explanations and her amazing personal stories. I feel so much better knowing that she knows and understands what I am going through. It always amazes me how much easier it is to accomplish things in my business now. Before I met her I was unsure of what to do and I struggled to handle other peoples energy a lot. I felt like some people had it out for me, feeling drained all the time, and now I have learned how to not only be extremely successful in my personal life. I have also learned how to be successful in my business as well. I am so grateful I met her. She will continue to be my go to from now on for most of my education when it comes to empath business and personal healing. I highly recommend her; she is so caring, and gives it her all!"
Isabel Frank
"LuOn has been doing massage work since she was a teenager.. her friends and family would come to her always because she has that "healing touch." I learned from LuOn that massage therapy does more than just help your physical body; it helps your mind as well. One of my first massage experiences was feeling like a heavy weight was being taken off my chest. There is something very therapeutic to your body and soul in her massage treatments. She has helped my daughter as well to let go of some of the difficulty in her life.. I will always recommend her to anyone I see!"
Kimberly Hart
"I was first going to LuOn for her massage skills and I noticed how my body felt so much better! In her sessions she would help me understand why my body had certain pains. She would ask me where the problem was beginning from as she worked on my muscles. I found this interesting because of how much it helped me! Some of my pains actually went away completely after having them for years before I started coming to her. I decided to hire her as my empath life coach. I have healed a lot of my own stuff now, and made new boundaries in my life, everything has become better. I am so surprised I was only going to her for massage for so long. I am so glad I met her. She is wonderful! I highly recommend her if you want your life to be better.
Shawn Grace
"LuOn is not only an amazing massage therapist but She's also a highly intuitive Healer. She's able to take you thru the pain we store in our bodies, help to release it and to learn how or why we're storing it there in the 1st place! Of course, She's able to provide top class body work without the "Intuitive Healing" aspect, but why would you pass on that? It's her gift and I've only met a few who have it at this level. She's truly a blessing."
Joe Abrams
"LuOn is not simply an amazing massage therapist who can do everything from light to fluffy to extremely deep tissue, but she is a warm, caring, individual that helps you relax. She cares about her clients!"
Joanne O'Connell
"Healing hands is the best way to sum it up. When my friend told me how LuOn healed his issues with his forearms/hands (he is a piano player) I had one question; is she strong? Well, my answer is that she can go as hard and strong as you can stand. I like deep, and LuOn is the best I've experienced. Of course, if you're afraid, she can be gentle! Bottom line, whether you need healing or just need a quick fix for health and longevity, I highly recommend LuOn. Big time."
Eric Hutchins
LuOn truly cares about her clients. I would even say she is magic... She seems to know what areas of my body or mind need, and gives that extra TLC. Her work goes way beyond the body. She helps you heal from the inside out. Be ready to change you life for the better!
Tyrell Janiga

“Healing your life begins with where you are. May your life be filled with ease, joy, and glory; loving who you truly are!  I’m excited to see you soon!“  -Queen LuOn