Monthly Meditations

New Guided Meditations Available Each Month

Aware Training Institute Now has Monthly Mediations available.

Just sign up to become a FREE Member of Aware Training Institute and then you can see a FREE Meditation for the month, and if you like it; then you can purchase a packet of 3 other Meditations for the month at a discounted rate.

New Free Meditation and a New Packet of 3 New Meditations every month. Wahoo!

Free Guided Meditation

When you push the play button you will be taken to the sign up page for the FREE ATI Elementary Membership which grants you access to packages to purchase plus FREE Stuff.

After you sign up to become an Aware Training Institute Member; you will also have access to the FREE Guided Morning Meditation next to a beautiful stream so you are able to lap in the water of relaxation and peace.

September 2023 Meditations

AM Balancing with Clear Quartz

Does not matter how you look or feel; work with the place from exactly where you are right now to move forward into Balancing.

Bringing in Happiness with Sunstone

Bring in more of the creating gifts of Happiness, Joy, Love, and Connection into your Life.

Releasing Emotional Crap with Fluorite Crystal

Walk through a Meditation Ritual on How to Release Undesired Energy and Emotional Crap from others and yourself.  When you are being Energetically drained some people or spirits may be draining you; this is called Vampirism. This Meditation Ritual Stops this in its tracks from happening. Let me know how it goes. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts and comments afterwards. I wish to know how this has worked for you. Thank you.