Empath Basics and Vampirism 101

With Kristy Thayne 7.18.2023

Empath Advanced 101

with Stephanie Guthrie 5.7.2024

Empath Intermediate 101

with Kristy Thayne 8.8.2023

Empath Advanced 101 and Vampirism

with Kristy Thayne 8.22.2023

Empath Ethics

with Kristy Thayne 8.22.2023

Releasing Emotional Crap with Fluorite Crystal

Walk through a Meditation Ritual on How to Release Undesired Energy and Emotional Crap from others and yourself.  When you are being Energetically drained some people or spirits may be draining you; this is called Vampirism. This Meditation Ritual Stops this in its tracks from happening. Let me know how it goes. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts and comments afterwards. I wish to know how this has worked for you. Thank you.