Do You notice, see and feel things others seem to not be aware of?

What does it take to be an Empath in this World?  

Interestingly enough; to enable you to be a functional Empath it requires you to be aware.  Not just aware of others, but aware of yourself.  I have found that if you are not telling yourself the truth and being aware of your own stuff; including the yucky stuff as well; you are opening your own energy for someone to either drain you or get your own body hurt because you have taken on someone else’s body responsibilities energetically.

I have been working to help myself most of my life.  These gifts I have are not easy; as most gifts do have their challenges.
By learning my own crap I have been able to change and heal my subconscious patterns so I do not keep recreating them in this life.

This calls for being really truthful and honest with myself; finding some things to be harder than others to change.  The ones I have found now are just about making choices that activate my activity in life so as to create life and not death.  Pretty cool!  Did not realize I was creating death.

I have been being called to help other Empaths now to teach people who are more aware than others how to create life and abundance in this world today.  In a way this is scary because it means being in front of people which is something I avoided most of my life as an Empath.  Now because I have the skills to share and teach; it is my turn in this world to Show Up.  Show others how to do it!  Step one is getting used to seeing myself on camera as I record myself and will be soon posting these on YouTube.   Now Being Seen is now the order of the day.

Exciting things to come!
Have a Wonderful Day!
-Queen, LMT, ELC