What I learned from a Dove.

Now it is the End of 2022! Time to take assessment of what this year has meant to you.

Where do you go from here?

Did you finish all you desired is 2022 or is there still a bit to work on?

Where were you unwilling to go to make your desires manifest?

Most of the time it requires the really uncomfortable aspects of our desires to be in check for the truly desired to Be Real! Please don’t fret; everyone is like this.

The Truth is Always in the Details.

See this Beautiful Dove sitting up top this Beautiful Crystal Up al the top of this Story?

This Dove lives in a Crystal Store here in Utah.

When I used to go into this Crystal Store and I was struggling to figure out which Crystal would support me in my next moves; this Beautiful Dove would fly past my face and come to rest on top of the Crystal that Truly Called my Name; nestling itself onto the stone, and Cooing until I said a heartfelt Thank You with Love in my Heart.

Never failed; this always happened. I have a clear distinction remembering at the very least 25 times.

This Amazing Dove Knew MORE than we would normally give any credit to an animal. Not only did this Creature teach me that we are not all meant to do it alone. Also taught me to have Thanks and Love in my heart even before the object or thought desired to show up; SHOWS UP.

Never Forget this Story. This is Your Small 2023 Wake Up Call!

As you move forward Now with New Distinction; As a Different Point of View; Become More Joyful and Fun in your Actions of Self Discovery In Action towards Your Goals.

If we are Not having Fun with Happiness in our steps; Why would we want to accomplish them? Bring in Your Childhood Joyful Nature; PLAY WITH YOUR LIFE. This will Help! And Enlist Others to Support You! This will really Help You!

Yes we are Adults; Yet anything worth doing and doing well; ALWAYS has Help to Accomplish. Even if all that is required is a Cheerleader. The ones in this life that accomplish a lot are always supported! They just don’t say it normally.

This New Year 2023 is a distinctive year. You will be able to find creative solutions in being able to learn and get done the things that matter most.

1) Embrace what you may of thought of crazy before.

2) Mingle with creative people; they will boost your creative confidence and re-ignite the ability to generate more incredible ideas.

3) Ignore people who like to criticize you negatively. Instead embrace positive feedback.

4) Take your life seriously; make the time to sit quietly and meditate on what seems to be nothing; so you will be able to hear the small seemingly silent Ahas that come to you. In this action your questions are answered.

5) Walk into the things that create that happy energy inside of you. For these things are the creation energy for you. We all have things we must do and do not like to do; but to counteract this do more of the happy things and your energy will reflect this.

Remember Energy is Money and Money is Energy. Remember Who You Are!

Find time to tap into your creativeness, innovation, and skills to make more remarkable progress and live better in 2023.

Thank You!

Love You!

-Queen https://awaretraininginstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/F7B41E52-B863-4826-98D7-59AE724526BA-1.jpeg