I was woken up at 3 AM this morning by my guides, and literally pushed into my office to speak to you today. This was so important that I was not given a reprieve to go back to bed for a little bit longer; NOPE this message is that important. It is 3am so please if there is any punctuation out of place, please forgive me; still in a daze a bit.

This is long but Holy Shit Good, if I do say so myself.


Here we go…

Life is never Truly Easy. Those that say that it is are LYING to you.

What Life is; is the Opportunity to LIVE. Living is a Choice.

We can Choose to Become Uncomfortable and Live or Choose to Live a Life of Death. Period. Life or Death; make your decision.

Realize as we Choose to Live a Life of Living; there will be times that our flaws and bad life choices come up to haunt us as we move forward.

Our emotions will take us over and our actions will come into play as we do our basics in life to keep our bodies healthy as we feel the emotions of past and present.

What is important is that we stay in our emotions just long enough to learn why, and what they are there to tell us; so forward movement can take place.

If we choose to numb ourselves out; lie to ourselves and others; stuff our emotions with food, drink, drugs perscriptions or otherwise or Binge watch Netflix shows; continuously going to the gym for hours at a time to take ourselves out of our world (yes even good things can become addictions); or any number of avoidance actions; these things only numb ourselves out and mask reality; NEVER truly Healing Reality; we never stop the emotional roller coster of downward spiral.

“The Aha is the Gift for our forward upward Joyful Happiness in Thriving Abundance Forward.”

No matter what anyone says to you; this is the ONLY Key that Works. The Aha!

Why do We Do this to ourselves?

Because we have NO Knowledge of another way yet; so STOP Punishing Yourself!

You can not move forward and do something different until you learn something different. The Only thing punishing does is takes your energy down and stops you from having enough energy to move forward.


STOP the Punishing

DROP to the ground and Feel where you are

ROLL into the your one step action Forward

Why do I say this?

Because I have been there most of my life and it’s the ONLY TRUTH that has taken me out of the Depths of HELL.


Knowing HOW to Do this is where we flounder…

So PLEASE let me HELP YOU become Unstuck this AM.

In these Action Steps are the ACTIONs you take to get to the AHA.

1) Feel your feelings.

Go inside; all the way inside of your body emotionally and feel the crap that you are trying to stuff.

1.Go for a long walk

2.Write in your Puke Journal your innermost stuff

3.Sit in a chair or lay on the floor and listen to your heartbeat as you breathe and listen.


Let the emotional lies you have been telling to yourself come out and DON’T get attached to them. Just see and listen and let the emotions spill out without getting attached to them. Let them be Heard and tell you the story. The Real Story without the fluffy stuff you have been telling yourself most of your life, so your subconscious can come forward and tell you something that you may of never known before in a different way.

2) Only sit in your emotions long enough to see to the depth of it.

Your life must go on. I guess you can choose to not have your life go on; but seriously we as a human population would miss out on the beautiful gift that is you, and all that you have to teach us by you being here on the planet right now.

So please choose to sit in your shit just long enough within the allotted time that you have given to yourself, and then get up and do your life.

Do this again and again, day after day, if you did not get to the Aha in the allotted time.

Life is not meant to be stopped entirely as we feel our shit; we have jobs, and requirements to do here on the planet as we live.

Sometimes the Aha comes faster than others.

Sometimes as we sit in our emotional shit; the Aha comes right away; sometimes not so right away.

I once had a pain in my neck that locked up my neck up for a year because I was not ready to fully see what was needed for me to see what was needed to move my life forward. I was still able to do my day, job and life even though it was painful. I still went to my Therapist and worked though the cap that came up. And every time became less painful. Finally I had the Aha and it rocked my entire world and nothing was ever the same in a most Fabulous Awesome Lovely way.

Realize; it takes what it takes; but our lives still go on in our self discovery.




FYI; I have found by my own personal research; the more you do this technique; the faster the AHA’s come.

Now there are times when I am in Self Awareness Discovery Mode, feeling my next emotion, and sometimes it only takes minutes now and not days, months, or years.

Keep your eyes on the Prize!

“The Aha is the Gift for our forward upward Joyful Happiness in Thriving Abundance Forward. The Aha opens your energy field to become brighter and bigger than ever before.”

3) You are not in this alone. You are NEVER alone.

Just sometimes we are unable to feel supported because we are used to suffering in silence. We are Just that GOOD at it.

I do NOT talk about the hardships I have gone though normally; if at all, because I choose to not go back there yet for this purpose I will speak about it. I have many many stories that will be shared from now on. I have even been told to write a book because of the knowledge I have learned from said crap. This will be happening too. Yet for now let me share this…

In my life; I have been in the worst of the worst; suicidal at times and unable to see my next steps and moves. I have learned that stuffing/numbing the emotions, and lieing to ourselves and others; stuffing our emotions with food, drink, drugs perscription or other drugs or Binge watching Netflix shows; or any number of avoidance actions; these things only stuff and numb ourselves out and mask reality; NEVER Healing Reality; we never stop the emotional roller coster of downward spiral.

All this does is delay the inevitable feelings to come up.

The longer we delay the feelings to be felt; the harder and stronger they come out when they do.

Ok this is gross, but you will understand when I say it.

Your emotions can be a likeness to pooping. It is like you’re sitting on the potty and trying to poop. If you are constapated in your emotions, your body will hurt and feel impacted and have those pains as if you are thinking/feeling that you may die.

When your body finally lets loose, and the emotions/poop finally comes out it is hard and painfully slowly coming out to the point that you almost puke or maybe even do puke. When your emotions/poop starts coming out finally, it’s like it will never stop.

You flush and flush and flush the toilet wondering when this will ever stop!!

You wonder what is wrong with me???

What is happening???

What the hell did I eat???

Do I need to see the doctor???

Thoughts of Suicide may even come up. Don’t fret this step might happen.

Truth is; the Aha only comes out when the CRAP finally comes all the way out!

There is NO Avoiding pooping!

Just as there is No Avoiding feeling your emotions; unless you are a psychopath or narcissist or one of the nameless others who blames everyone else for their emotional CRAP.

My mother was one of these; I am an expert on spotting them.

Your Aha will Open Doors in your Life and your Mind. You will never fully understand the Gift of that Aha until you have it. Things will change for the better in every way imaginable. This is what I know because I have lived it. Once you know you can never unknow.

“The Aha is the Gift for our forward upward Joyful Happiness in Thriving Abundance Forward. The Aha opens your energy field to become brighter and bigger than ever before.”

STOP the Punishing

DROP to the ground and Feel where you are

ROLL into the your one step action Forward

This is why I was called to do what I do. I am so happy I had all the CRAP happen to me now. I never would of understood my life unless I would of done this. I am so very grateful to all the hatters, lovers, narcissists, abusers, manipulators, and all those who tried to kill me. I am so grateful to all my clients, friends, family and silent followers.

Gifts always come to those who DO and Become their life purpose.

Please Never Just Believe Me! Try it on for size. Notice what happens in your life as you DO.

If you do desire a Mama Bear to be on your side; either to learn from; help you heal your body, mind, soul energy; help keep you on track; or just to give you loves occasionally, I am here. “My Modo; I Know therefore I DO.”

I support those who are wounded enough to desire their lives to change, and healthy enough to take action to heal; only if they wish to do so.

I had to figure myself out first in order to make my life work for me instead of against me, and now I support others to do so too.

Having made this effort my life’s mission; choosing to claim my own life as its own actions. I Now LIVE!

Sometimes psychotherapy is not necessary.

Sometimes it is just learning a few crucial skills, and having the support needed to take the steps.

Just realize YOU are the one Doing it.

Nobody can take the steps for you.

You are the master of your own life.

And this is what we can bring into this NEW YEAR 2023!

My word I am focusing on this year is “Thrive”

What is Your Word? Thought, quote or what is it that you desire to become.

Choosing to Own the word Thrive and all that it has to teach me is what my life is about now.

State YOURS so your life can start to become it. Only then will you see what has been in your way stopping you from RECIEVING what you desire.

They say in a rescission is the perfect time to dive into the NEW; I Believe this to Be True. I have seen it. Only those who dive in when it is hard come out on top in the end.

You CAN DO THIS!! I know it to be True! You Can too.

If you desire support in healing, movement, having an ear, actions, or just someone who gives a shit who knows what you are going through and truly cares; I am here.

Thank You!

Love You!

-Queen https://awaretraininginstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/F7B41E52-B863-4826-98D7-59AE724526BA-1.jpeg