I, Queen LuOn, founded Aware Training Institute (ATI) because there was no way for myself, as a “too sensitive” child, was able to learn how to function in the “Real World” as a highly functioning, Empath back in the late-70s.

I never understood why I was different.

I was so upset that one day, as a small child of 6 years old, I screamed at the top of my lungs in my bedroom, exploding my energy out into the universe, crying;

“I am never going to let anyone go through what I am going through now!”

And so; Aware Training Institute (ATI) began.

My energy and state of mind were a supernova at this time, sparking the journey to how and where ATI came into being.  And now, I pass this information down to you so your life can be lived with an enhanced ability to obtain what you truly desire in this life.

I had been holding onto this information because I was unable to speak out loud without being energetically “vampired” so much that I would pass out, because of the energy-draining or overloading of my system. That is until NOW!

Now, if this sounds familiar to you, then you are in the right place!

This program is available in person, and on Zoom Video Conferencing, so you are not overwhelmed with energy as you learn to become more YOU. 

However; lets be HONEST…

In person you get the personal touch just for YOU, so your able to get what you truly desire on this planet just a little bit faster. Yet do not be fooled; online surprisingly works just as well too. 😉

Whether you are a Teacher, Health Care Worker, Massage Therapist, Psychic, Energy Healer, or you Desire to work with others and are coming into your energy gifts right now.

As long as you are an Empath no matter what level you are at in your progression; this program in PERFECT FOR YOU!

We ALL Require those who Support and Know more information than we do to help us in our Journey. 

Those who say otherwise; are kidding themselves, and in the long run; it just takes longer to get where they desire to go.  Just Sayin. 

Let me ask you a question…

Are you told you are too sensitive?

Have you ever noticed that as you show up in the world more, you require more support from your empath peers?

Do you feel faint, numb, drained, or in physical pain when surrounded by others too much?

Are you lacking a support system of like-minded creatures?

Here is a caring place to find the support you require as you become more YOU!

What to Expect…

After meeting with you; we will see what will work best for you in what you’re desiring to Create. 

Give it an hour to see what may happen?!    Why not?    If you’re seeing this now; you definitely are supposed to.

You CAN Be Supported.
You Are NOT Alone!

AWARENESS TRAINING helps you to navigate through this New and Changing World with knowledge and directional foresight.

You get to Learn from an Empath Human who has been there when nothing else was established for empath support back in the 1970’s. Having this kind of personal touch allows you to see why some things work and why other suggestions others give do not last through the long haul of personal expansion.

This kind of personal attention allows you to show up with dignity and decorum.

Being in the class teachings and trainings you get the opportunity to learn first hand from the Empath who knows how to be the Queen of her World!

So You in turn CAN BE the King or Queen of your World.

You get personal answers on the spot to your Truth questions because she can see you and your energy without bias.


Why learn from others who do not know as much; when you can get straight forward answers from the mouth of someone who has been  Successfully Navigating the Energy World her entire lifetime, and professionally for over 30 years.

YES you can actually be SEEN & Supported Specifically getting What You Require to Navigate this Interesting World we Live In.

Looking Forward to Supporting YOU! 

Send me a message.  Lets Chat for a couple of minutes to see if this program is right for you.   -Queen LuOn